5 Technology Innovations We Loved in 2022 & Predictions For 2023

With the acceleration of the adoption of emerging technology by more businesses across the globe, predicting key trends that will impact our society and businesses moving forward is key to inspiring new innovative ideas that will shape digital products.

How to Run Cypress against a Docker container in a CI pipeline

The Aim Our goal is to have a CI pipeline which can run Cypress browser tests against a web application which is built as a Docker container (e.g. an application that you run on Cloud Run or Amazon ECS).

What is a hygiene sprint and why is it important for designers?

Having multiple designers on a team is awesome. You get feedback easily as everyone has the same context, you can bounce ideas off each other when stuck, and generally have a great time designing together. But as any great thing, it also comes with challenges. One of the biggest ones is consistency, even when working with a design system. Our personal style, design thinking and experience-based approaches can put their ...

JTBD Four Forces: The reasons behind hiring and firing

In my latest post, I discussed how to build products people love using Jobs-to-be-Done, a theory that provides a framework to help uncover your customers' needs. The Jobs-to-be-done theory focuses on understanding why customers use products or services to change a particular life situation, and it's a very useful framework when doing discovery in the product development process.

A Website Accessibility Audit Checklist

We've all been there. The developers have merged their final pull requests. The pipelines have all passed. The design team has approved. The staging website has passed QA. Ready for production. Right? 😃

A Screen Reader Quickstart Guide

As the websites and digital products we build become more and more complex, it is more important than ever to ensure that we are not excluding people from being able to experience them. It is therefore imperative that we understand how all users interact with our products, particularly screen reader users. I'm not saying we all need to be experts at using them, even though that's not a bad goal, ...

How to build products people love using Jobs-to-be-Done

As product people, we're used to being bombarded with feature requests from different stakeholders like the sales team, partners, other teams within the organisation, or even our customers and users. Often, the request will be to add a feature similar to a competitor's or a new idea that designers and engineers can implement straight away. Other times, when there is a bit more thinking done beforehand, the requests can even ...

Returning to education while working full time: how I managed the balancing act

It can be difficult to ignore the niggling thought that the career path you chose as a teenager might not be the most suitable direction for the person you have become. After having so much time for reflection over the last few years, many people are experiencing this same worry. In 2021, there was a 24% rise in applications from mature students for full-time undergraduate degrees, raising the bar for ...

How to build strong stakeholder relationships as a product manager

As a product person, I know there’s always an infinite number of requests and problems that my teams could be working on. These can come from users, or different stakeholders within the business and they’re usually mostly linked to something they want to unlock or move forward relating to their goals. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we should action them, or that we will entertain them at all. We ...

Activity graphs for software engineers: more harm than good?

tl;dr I'd like to see services like GitHub and GitLab give users the option to hide their contribution activity to help foster a healthier environment. Activity (or contribution) graphs provide a visual representation of someone's contributions to something over time. They're popular in the engineering scene, with services like GitHub and GitLab using them to display a user's repository activity such as opening a pull/merge request, committing code and participating ...