How to build strong stakeholder relationships as a product manager

As a product person, I know there’s always an infinite number of requests and problems that my teams could be working on. These can come from users, or different stakeholders within the business and they’re usually mostly linked to something they want to unlock or move forward relating to their goals. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we should action them, or that we will entertain them at all. We ...

Activity graphs for software engineers: more harm than good?

tl;dr I'd like to see services like GitHub and GitLab give users the option to hide their contribution activity to help foster a healthier environment. Activity (or contribution) graphs provide a visual representation of someone's contributions to something over time. They're popular in the engineering scene, with services like GitHub and GitLab using them to display a user's repository activity such as opening a pull/merge request, committing code and participating ...

Why green computing matters

Making websites has become easy. As creatures of habit, we use the same tools we love to get our job done. As the world is slowly but surely facing irreversible changes because of human activities, what can we do to help as developers? Whilst technology has brought a lot of benefits to the world, it’s also responsible for issues such as increased carbon emissions. According to this Greenpeace report, “The ...

How to improve your design-development collaboration

In my career as a product designer so far, I've learnt that creating a strong relationship with the engineers in the team is one of the most important elements for success. I’ve really enjoyed working closely alongside, and learning from, the developers and engineers on the teams I’ve been a part of, and it’s great to be able to work directly with the people building what I’m designing. From conversations ...

Why accessibility should be a priority, not an afterthought

We often talk about user-centered design and development, however the process rarely includes accessibility and UX research with users with disabilities or impairments. (Web) accessibility is the practice of making your websites usable by as many people as possible, thus providing equal access to information and communications technologies, including the Web, to people with disabilities or impairments. Simply put, accessibility is a basic human right.

Let’s talk about the M and V in MVP

It’s a term that you can’t seem to get away from in product development since Frank Robinson introduced the methodology in 2001, and then Eric Ries popularised its meaning in 2009 as part of his larger thinking around Lean Startups.

How I learnt about accessibility as a junior developer

As a developer, you want to ensure your work is accessible, but it can be hard to know where or how to start. You’ve been trained to write semantic HTML & add alt tags, but is that enough? What about a Lighthouse score of 100 — does that cover everything? (Hint: It doesn’t!)

How the Web works.

If you're starting out in web development or are a bit rusty about the general scaffolding and technologies required to make the web possible, this high level overview could help you avoid time-consuming setbacks. Knowing how the web works enables developers to make informed architectural decisions, pinpoint bottlenecks and errors, and build solutions that are optimised for the medium they're intended for. My intention is to provide enough clarity on ...

Building product delivery team culture

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What is the importance of a steering meeting and why do you need one?

In my experience of leading agency delivery teams, I have regularly been invited into meetings to meet senior client stakeholders as a one-off, or intro, but noticed this engagement is rarely followed up with a more regular meeting. These people are often the most important decision makers in the project, and only get to understand second hand information or review deliverables at the end, when it’s too late to provide ...